Character Appearances

Click on the tabs below  to have a look at  our most popular Ultimate Glitterarti Party Character Appearances we have on offer. There are loads to choose from….

Lots of Princesses to choose from! Scroll down the page to see:

Ice Princess, Glass Slipper Princess, Sleeping Princess, Beauty Princess & Tinker Fairy !


Our magical Ice Princess can attend your party or event in a choice of two beautiful outfits – her coronation ball gown or her travelling dress complete with winter Cape and boots.

‘The  window is open, so is that door..!’

She has been locked inside the castle for such a long time but absolutely loves to sing and dance!

Why not invite her sister, the Snow Queen, along too?


Glass Slipper Princess

Our  Glass Slipper Princess has the most beautiful twirly ballgown and not only does she love to dance with the boys & girls, she even wears sparkly glass slippers!


Sleeping Princess

Our sleeping Princess wears the most beautiful dress and of course its pink, pink, pink!
Her Princess crown and necklace are very magical and she loves to tell stories and of course sing and dance too!


Beauty Princess

Our Beauty Princess wear a beautiful yellow dress and of course she loves to read many books of love and adventure & of course she loves to sing and dance!

Tinker Fairy

This cheeky, cute and sassy Fairy absolutely LOVES to party! She is super cool at making balloon swords to fight off even pirate captains too and loves to tell the children about her adventures.
She even comes complete with magical wings!


Girl in Wonderland

She fell down a rabbit hole and arrived in the most peculiar place where the most peculiar things happen!

Snow Princess

Coming Soon

Lots of Characters to choose from! Scroll down the page to see:

Super Heroes, Pirates, Mickey, Toys, Minions & Monsters !

Super Heroes






Info Coming Soon….

Info Coming Soon….

Freaky & Fabulous


Party Times

Party times available for our Ultimate package are 12-2pm OR 4-6pm. These times mean we can attend more parties on any given day.

Personalise your Party

Want certain elements of the party but wish to swap others? We now have the option to ‘trade-in’ certain services to really personalise your party!

Optional Extras

Already sorted the sweet cones? Then why not add temporary glitter tattoos at no cost aswell as the themed facepainting or swap the facepainting for an extra character.


Please contact us for the trade-ins available to select for your party.